ShoeRise connects social and sustainable business with attractive, elegant and unique design.


You are dreaming of

- fresh designs or innovative materials for your footwear brand,

- putting more brand identity into your designs and shoes collections, 

- launching your own footwear brand and translating your designs into real shoes,

- creating a unique footwear brand based on social and sustainable values,

ShoeRise can make your dreams come true by 


- listening to your ideas, wishes and needs

- defining your project/business values and priorities

creating a plan

- connecting ideas and setting goals

- doing research, sourcing materials and partners

- translating your ideas, wishes and needs into a business plan

realising the plan

- making prototypes

- setting up production

- connecting all involved parties

- following-up the quality of production and treating production questions

ShoeRise completes those tasks at her studio or on location, whichever is most effective.